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New Teaching Resource Highlights Voices Of Leading Pro-Democracy Muslims

The Albert Shanker Institute has released "Muslim Voices on Democracy: A Reader"—a free, downloadable publication that highlights the speeches, articles, and ideals of pro-democracy Muslims. It is designed as a resource for high school teachers to use in American classrooms, as they seek to help students make sense of the complex forces at work in the Muslim world.

You can download the publication (PDF) here.

The individuals featured in this collection include intellectuals, union activists, dissidents, and journalists. Although the voices of women are featured throughout the publication, it contains a special section devoted to their unique challenges and contributions to the democratic political dialogue. The publication also features a glossary of terms and a list of resources for further study.

The aim of these writings is to break down the complex issues confronting majority Muslim nations and illuminate the challenges faced by Muslim democrats at a time of elevated dialogue and curiosity about the Muslim world, its way of life, and those who desire democracy. Although the stories and commentaries in the publication may have been shaped by the religious and cultural influence of Islam, it is not an analysis or history of Islam, nor does it promote or prescribe a particular vision of democratic governance.

The manuscript was reviewed by scholars, democracy specialists, and classroom teachers. It is designed to be updated periodically in response to current events and input from teachers and other users.

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